Aug 19, 2007

First Day of Kindergarten

Last Thursday was Jese’s (my 5 year old) first day of Kindergarten. She was a little freaked out but very hyper and pumped up about everything. I have no idea where she gets that from. The coolest thing was listening to Jayden (my 6 year old), who is the expert on Kindergarten, tell Jese all about the things she’s going to see and do. She told her, “Now Jese, you can’t hug the boys because you will get in trouble, but don’t worry, you’re going to have fun.” However, Jese came home after her first day and told me, “all the boys are doing whatever I tell them to.” THAT’S JUST PERFECT!

It only took one day to break her in and now she’s ruling the class, which scares me to death. I think that my wife and I were more trepidatious about her starting Kindergarten than she was.

I can’t believe our kids are in school. They are growing way too fast, but we are having a ball. My goal is to be the kind of father that can look back and say, “I have no regrets.”

Jayden and Jese eating their morning oatmeal before school. Banana and Strawberry. YUMMY

Jayden in her new 1st grade class behind a big girl desk. Me looking really sleepy. It's like 7:45am I mean C'mon!

Jese at her table on her very first Kindergarten Day. I am a very very proud and blessed daddy! I live with the 3 most beautiful women in the world.

Love you guys! Have a great week. Remember try something new and live without regrets!

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