Aug 11, 2007

North American Youth Congress

DUDES. North American Youth Congress ROCKED! Okay, it was really hot, like 105 every day but it was still a sweet sweet blast. Picture 18,000 crazy students packing Charlotte Bobcats Arena and screaming their faces off.

I did my comedy thing on Friday and it went awesome. The joint was laughing hard, but then again that's the goal. If people don't laugh.....I pretty much feel like an idiot! It went great except for the fact that I ripped on the guy on the front row because he looked like a 50 year old Wesley Snipes....he never stopped snarling at me. It was weird. I had to pay for protection after the show. lol.

Thank you all for enjoying the show. I have had ridiculous amounts of hits on my site and tons of subscriptions after that show. I guess that means you guys like me. SWEEEEEET!

Be sure to check out the site on Wednesday night. We will have a Youth Congress Special on the Jeremy Foster Show. The show will feature me (of course) and my friend Danny Rivers of as well as the Kathy Herles (The Voice of Dora The Explorer). It was an awesome week.

If you have any pics of me doing my thing, email them to me

I want to know what you think of the show so tell me your thoughts. If they are sweet, I like you, if they are not....I'll.....uhhhh....pray for you....I guess. ;)

Love you guys.