Jun 11, 2007



Ok, I just have to say, Texaco Youth Camp was the coolest. The students were insane for Jesus, it was awesome. There were about 500 people there and it was absolutely a blast the whole week. Texaco, you guys are the bomb.

I flew in on Monday and spoke Monday night, Tues - Friday and we had nothing but fun. These students were awesome. They laughed at all of my jokes, which is a great thing (heheh) and they really knew how to pray. You know what, there is nothing like living for God and I mean really "Living" for God; giving everything you have to Him. These guys know how to dig in for Jesus. I was really encouraged by their response to the word of God. I'm serious when I say these students know how to pray. It was awesome to watch them get on their knees and pray for 45 minutes after each session. On Thursday we talked about serving others and they went crazy and started cleaning the whole camp ground. It was the coolest!

I had a blast with all of you Texaco PEEPS. You guys are the greatest!

Here are a few emails I received from some of the students. God is awesome!!!!

14 year old girl:
"i just wanted to say that you are the greatest that there could ever be. the youth of my generation are lucky to have you around to show us the right path.
you changed my life, your message where you had all the youth pray over the ones who were going through depression, and were cutting them selves touched me in such a way that no other message has be for because i personaly am a victom of cutting but after your message i have pledged to others and myself that if i am going through a situation such as that, that i will talk to someone about my problems and i will pray about it.
so i just wanted to thank you for changing my life and showing me that NO problem is to big for god"

15 year old guy:
"Thank You (Jeremy) For Preaching that message.
I no longer feel depressed. I would cut alot before youth camp and i was look forward to being relieved from that.....Delivered. I am. I'm so glad. GOD IS GOOD.
You rock. Your an awesome preacher. I loved your PReaching. SO funny."

If you were a Texaco camper, I'd love to hear from you (post a comment). You guys keep rocking for God. It was awesome to watch you dudes go deeper in Christ. Keep doing it and it will blow your mind what God will show you.

DO IT BIG FOR JESUS. You never know who you are reaching. This week, tell someone that Jesus loves them, it may be just what they need!


Here are some cool pics from the students at camp.