Jun 3, 2007

Episode 6: WHAT ME, WORRY?!

This was by far one of our more difficult shoots. Not because of camera angles or locations, but because I was pretty stinking sick the whole time. I was afraid it would come across on camera and that you guys would be like, "what a moron." But it turned out way better than I expected. I prayed the whole time. I would hack and cough and then Brad would say action and I'd put on my crystal clear radio announcers voice. It was crazy. But we got through it.

I really feel like someone out there needs to see this and stop living under the weight of the world and let God handle some of your anxiety. Only he can control the future so you have to trust him with it. Plus I really wanted you guys to hear my awesome rendition of "Don't Worry, Be Happy". I'm sure that Bobby McFerrin would be proud.

You guys might remember Bobby McFerrin. His song "Don't Worry, Be Happy" (featured in the 1988 movie Cocktail starring Tom Cruise) was a #1 U.S. pop hit in 1988 and won the Grammy for Best Song of the Year. I actually thought he was dead, here's why; according to Wikipedia.org McFerrin is at the center of an ongoing false urban legend which claims, ironically, that he committed suicide after his fame from "Don't Worry, Be Happy" diminished. I thought it was pretty wild to discover that he was alive after I had been hearing all of these years that he was dead. It just further proves my point. You can't always go around worrying what other people are saying or thinking about you. Worry will never get you anywhere.

Remember this, if the devil can't kill you, he'll try to make you think you're dead. This week make up in your mind that you will stop worrying and start trusting.

Love you guys. Let me know what you think of the show. It's always encouraging to read your emails and posts.