Jun 20, 2007

Little Clip from Student Camp

Here you go guys. This is a little clip from Texaco camp that someone bootlegged with their phone and uploaded to the internet. I had a blast with those Texans man. Probably the funnest camp I've ever been to, we laughed and cried and had an awesome time with Jesus. This is one of our lighter moments.

I'm in Virginia right now doing a Senior camp this week and a Junior camp next week. Say a prayer for me, my voice is a bit rough from all of the speaking, but God is doing some really awesome stuff here in VA. I'll throw up some pics and stuff later on. I'll also have a new show up when I get home.


P.S. I'm headed to St. Petersburg Florida in 3 weeks to do two sessions at Soul Winners Boot Camp www.swbootcamp.com check it out.