Jul 2, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Virginia has been my home for 2 complete weeks. I have been to 4 different places in these two jam packed weeks and spoke 12 times in 13 days, it’s been crazy! I have seen some completely and utterly awesome stuff that can only be described as “Neato”.

For instance:

A bunch of Teens have been totally filled with the spirit of God (which was really cool). It was awesome to watch as these students completely give everything that they had to God. Virginia Junior and Senior camps have rocked.

Jermaine and I prayed together and he received the Holy Spirit for the very first time. It was awesome.

I saw a pirate ship in the water in the Chesapeake Bay and I was pumped and exclaimed this excitedly to my girlfriend (Jennifer) who politely pointed out that it was a buoy (so much for Jack Sparrow).

I discovered that a friend of mine is a secret agent working for NSA.
No no REALLY….SERIOUSLY. He speaks Arabic and travels around the world with a backpack. Freaky huh (I wish I could tell you more but…uhhhh....I can’t) shhhhhhhhh.

I found out that my kids are really REALLY scared of the Pirate ship ride at Busch Gardens (they were really mad about the whole thing and for some reason it was directed at me even though their mother is the one that got them on the ride in the first place) They screamed the entire time. THANKS A LOT MOM!
They were much happier on this ride although they were a little nervous at first.

My youngest daughter got chicken pox for the second time. YES YOU CAN GET IT TWICE.
It freaked me out, I thought it was spider bites at first because she had like 7 of them and then WALLA! 300 of them appear all over her 5-year-old self. It was cute and scary at the same time. She was mad because she couldn’t leave the room to play on the swings.

Virginia has been a blast, I got to hang out with a bunch of old friends and at the same time watch as God changed a bunch of people’s lives. I’m pumped about all of the incredible testimonies I’ve already heard. A great big thank you to Jack Cunningham, Gary Peirson, Chad Douglas, Akil Thompson, Jason and Joe Forebush, and Daniel Hoilman. You guys are all the coolest. I had fun.

This week I’m headed to Soul Winner’s Boot Camp in St. Petersburg Florida to teach two general sessions. It’s going to be sweet. I’ll post pics.

Love you cats.