Apr 11, 2009

The Easter Crack Special

It's Easter and we have had a blast. Between two egg hunts, a wedding, and a family cookout it's been just a wee tad busy for the Foster fam, but it's been super cool and awesome. I love hanging with the family and watching the kids go absolutely insane over plastic eggs. In fact, I found myself getting just a little too excited about finding the "money" eggs with Jese while we were perusing the thousands of randomly dispersed eggs. I was cracking myself up.
On Friday night we dyed eggs and made Easter cookies and decorated them together. While all of this was going on, something pretty unique happened.
We gathered all of the coffee cups in the house together and filled them with vinegar and dropped the color tablets in to watch them fizz. We then added water and grabbed the small gold metal egg holders with which to dip the eggs. Jese, my 6 year old, grabbed her first egg and promptly dropped it on the counter and it cracked into 50 different lines on the surface of the egg. She immediately got upset and felt like the evening was completely ruined and went into a tirade about how this was going to be the worst Easter ever, as 6 year old girls are prone to do. I consoled her and urged her to dunk the egg anyway and together we would just wait and see what happened. She hesitantly dipped the imperfect egg into the bright fuschia red colored dye and the most amazing thing happened. As we pulled the egg out of the dye Jese exclaimed, "look Daddy." I looked closely and realized that the pretty pastel color had coved the entire egg but it had concentrated into a deeper red into the cracks on the surface of the egg creating a mosaic effect that was beautiful. These cracks had added to the beauty of this simple imperfect little egg and given the color a chance to show off it's ability.

That's when it hit me, this is the very essence of Easter. Our cracks and imperfections are what make God's grace and love so amazing. Instead of throwing us away, he paints us a beautiful shade of redeeming red and covers every imperfection that we thought had ruined us. This Easter, remember that he's waiting to cover every crack and imperfection in your life. Reflect on His sacrifice 2,000 years ago and yield to the hand of the greatest artist to ever walk the face of the planet. Let him take you and make you beautiful, cracks and all.

Jeremy Foster

The Jeremy Foster Show