Jun 17, 2008

This is what I do late at night

Ok so it's 12:58 am on Wednesday morning and I am amazingly non-bored. I'm actually having a blast. I spent most of the afternoon swimming with my daughters, who are awesome (singing the word awesome in a really high pitched falsetto). Honestly they wore me out in the pool. I bought some of those little dive rings and they kept throwing them in the deep end and I had to keep getting them because they couldn't go that deep. I tried the whole David Blaine holding my breath trick, sadly, like 45 seconds is my record. I stink.

So now I am just unwinding and taking ridiculous pictures of myself but they are funny so you can laugh.
I have titled them for you.

Popeye the Sailor man - toot toot

What is that huge thing in the middle of my face?

Robert Deniro - you talking to me!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we found a snapping turtle in our yard.
He was really mean.
I graciously shared the message of God's love with him.
He snapped at me as if he didn't care at all.
I think that he is an atheist.
I'm pretty sure that there is no hope for turtles.
Take that turtle.

Jesus, forgive me for that.
I know that he's just a turtle, but he made me really mad.