Jun 28, 2008

Jeremy Dominates the most difficult Ropes Course on the east coast.

WOW, I do dig the east coast. I have had more fun at this camp than probably any other camp in my lifetime. It was insane. We got to take part in tons of really awesome activities such as rock climbing, tubing on the lake, a stupidly high zip line, and my personal favorite, THE DAUNTING ROPE CHALLENGE.

Ok like everything else in my life, I figured that I would blow through this, but it kinda freaked me out, it was really tough. Check me out:

I was speaking at the New Jersey/Delaware Youth Camp hosted at the North Bay retreat center in Maryland. These students were awesome. They totally dug in and went really deep in worship. The worship team was led by a close friend of mine, Nate Sexton. They went all out and it was incredible to be a part of. Here's a clip:

The Band Rocked

The highlight of the week came on Friday night when this little dude (Devon Trout, who gets pedicures) playing the guitar right here led a group of students on a covert operation to shoot silly string all over me. They had like 20 students in on it and I had no weapons at all. However, they dramatically underestimated my ingenuity and Macgyver like skills. I quickly procured a massive red fire extinguisher and somehow they really didn't think I'd actually use it on them so they foolishly charged me. I shot them all in the face. It was truly my defining moment. It was (high falsetto) AWESOME!

Special thanks to Calvin Jean or was that the French "where's Waldo", Andrew, Danny, Jonathan, Hector, Craig, Nate, Plisken, and everybody else. You guys were awesome. I can't wait to come back and hang.

And to all of those students that I shot in the face with the fire extinguisher,
I'm sorry,
I love you,
don't use drugs.


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