Jul 16, 2007


One week ago i flew into Tampa, Florida to hang out at Soul Winners Bootcamp. Okay picture this, 750 people hit the city pumped up and ready to share the love of Jesus Christ. IT WAS CRAZY! I taught a session Friday along with Matt Maddix and Murell Cornwell
and then we hit the streets and pumped everyone up to come out to the party in the park that night.

The Royal Tailor Band and Down To Earth rocked the party

That night 40 people receive the Holy Spirit and 70 got baptized. It was crazy.

There were people everywhere. I even busted into some old school ryhmes and stage dived just to please the people. You gotta love me. I'm just doing it BIG for Jesus dudes.

Saturday night we had another park party and then I did a session and we hit Ybor City in downtown Tampa to talk to all of the people who were out clubbin. I had my handy little bull-horn and went about spreading the crazy cool love of God. It was insane. There were people praying on the side walks and in the streets.

All in all we had more than 140 people receive the Holy Spirit and 190 get baptized and saw tons of people repent and pray. It was one of the coolest most life changing experiences that you can have. In all we ministered to close to 10,000 people in one weekend. It was rockin. You can read more about it at www.swbootcamp.com.

Keep it real dudes. Love ya'll