May 1, 2007

Episode 4

The Canadian show is here!!!! This show was awesome to shoot. The show starts out in my back yard and we end up on top of Grouse mountain in Vancouver Canada. The scenery was beautiful and Donnie and I had a blast. There were a few moments when people on the mountain thought we were complete morons. Post a comment and let me know what you think of our massive snow man that we built.

There was a really awesome white wolf that we got pretty close to and took a picture of. NO DUMMY IT'S NOT A DOG. It really is a wolf. Seriously.

It was an all around great time. The snow shoes weren't the easiest thing in the world to walk in. There was such a fine layer of powder on top of the snow that whenever we walked snow kicked up all over us. It was pretty stinking cold, but it was awesome. At the end of the show you'll see these guys snow boarding, check out how amazingly bad they are at it. It must have been a beginners class because they stunk pretty bad. But hey, at least they're trying....or something.

Thanks for watching. Let me know your thoughts.

For Slam Planet Students
WHERE OH WHERE IS MICHAEL SHANNON? Let me know slam planet to get your name in next weeks credits.