Jul 4, 2009

The Worlds Top Ten Barbeque Grills. Happy Fourth!!!!

#10. Functionality wins here. I mean, how cool is this. Redefines the phrase "Tailgating"

#9. Come on ride the train it only cost 12,000 on ebay

#8. The most expensive grill in the world can be yours for 35,000

#7. Cooking like a ROCK, chevy V8

#6. This is just sad, it had to make the list. Some dude had way too much time on his hands.

#5. Cook, eat, kick back and never have to leave the table.

#4. This is just super duper awesome. A smokehouse on 18 wheels.

#3. That thing got a Hemi? YUP

#2 It just doesn't get much cooler than this. Hey Cletus, did you bring the grill? Uhhhhhhh yeah.

#1 The coolest ever. The burgers are done on the way home from work. Would be cool if someone could actually make it happen.

Honorable Mention

OK, it’s not a grill that’s interesting here: it’s the way it’s lighted. You’re looking at George Goble of Purdue University lighting the 60 lbs of charcoal with 3 gallons of liquid oxygen:
George started with 60 lbs of charcoal, and burnt up 40 lbs of it in 3 seconds. Result is a grill ready to cook in about 3 seconds, and all the old grease, etc burned off. Don’t try this at home.

It was just too good not to add to the list. Although it's not a grill, it took some major redneck innovation to decide that the grill would work great as a pool heater. Yes, someone really did this.

Hey, Nadine, I got a dang good idea!!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July friends.


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