Jul 8, 2009

This is the Reason Customer Care Matters So Much

Customer care is the number 1 problem that no one is dealing with. 1 person has a sphere of influence of 30 but add youtube to the mix and it could be millions. If you are in any kind of ministry, business, or industry get it together before something like this happens.

The rest of the story courtesy of the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles - This just in on the case of United Airlines, a busted guitar and a wicked YouTube song: While Dave Carroll, aggrieved customer and wicked songwriter, was playing a gig Tuesday night in Picou, Nova Scotia, his July 6 video, “United Breaks Guitars,” was passing 100,000 views and United airlines was laying plans to make nice. But there’s no happy ending just yet.

“They have made contact with him,” said Carroll’s wife, Jill, on Wednesday morning. “We’re expecting to receive further details by the end of business today.” By 11 a.m. Pacific time, the video had racked up more than 137,000 YouTube views and prompted 1,265 comments, few of which are likely to end up in the airline’s next report to stockholders.

Dave Carroll, buried in interview requests, was unavailable, but Jill Carroll described the conversation with United as “amicable” yet inconclusive. As for the public response to her husband’s video, “we’re speechless.”

Carroll posted his video — which features a country-western arrangement, layered harmonies and, for unclear reasons, three sombreros — after he couldn’t get United to take responsibility for damage to his guitar allegedly inflicted during a flight last year. After months of getting nowhere in efforts to get compensated, Carroll crafted a retribution campaign featuring a sequential release of three songs.

Beyond the first song, which went up on the Web on July 6, Carroll has written and recorded a second song, but hasn’t made a video yet. As for the third song, Jill Carroll quoted her husband:

“They have a golden opportunity to influence the outcome.”

On Tuesday night, United spokeswoman Robin Urbanski declared that “this has struck a chord with us, and we’ve contacted him directly to make it right.”

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