May 14, 2009

Take a deep breath, you are ALIVE!

Live today like you're not worried about tomorrow and you will live a much more fulfilled life. How much time do we waste worrying about tomorrow and not living today.

I remember when I was a kid, I always lived looking forward to something; not necessarily because I was excited about the actual event but because I needed something to look forward to. The only exception to this was my few and far between dates and I did actually look forward to them because they were such rare phenomenon for a Members Only Jacket wearing, GIRBAUD jeans tight rolling, 80s nerd like me.

Other than that rare exception It seemed after the event I had to immediately have something else to look forward to.

I've watched people carry this on throughout their lives and lose years with their kids or spouse.

Life is about the journey and not necessarily always about the destination. I know that you super spiritual theologians out there will blast me as if I haven't thought about the afterlife. BRUUUUUUUTHER JEREMY I am always living for Heaven BRUUUUUUUTHER (best nasally judgemental Southern evangelist voice). I know moron, I'm talking about living and loving life.

We should hope for tomorrow and plan for next week but don't forget to live today or you will wake up one day and all of your today's will be gone. Don't let worry and wishing make you twist in the wind. Live each moment and love every minute of that moment.

Jeremy Foster

The Jeremy Foster Show