May 9, 2007

New Episode: DO OVER!

I'm a terrible basketball player. I didn't have to try at all to stink during this shoot, it just came natural.

Say a prayer for us. With this episode we are attempting to emphasize the importance of Baptism. Pray that our show will have an effect on people and influence them to follow the scriptures and be baptized in Jesus name. There is so much power in the name of Jesus, we just have to wake up and realize it. I urge you this week to pray "in Jesus name". We as Christians are to do everything in His name. Apply that name to your life today through baptism and watch God blow up some awesome stuff in your life. If you've had an awesome baptism experience I want to hear about it. Help change someone's life today and encourage them to be baptized.

Love you guys. Please share the show with your friends.