Feb 28, 2007

Episode 6: Bad To The Bone!!

This was fun! We actually had an all access pass to the brand new $1,000,000 field house, as well as the practice field and the newly turfed playing field. It was fun. Here's a little insider secret, I had to actually try to miss the field goals. SUPRISE! I am a rocking place kicker and I didn't even know it. I was making it almost every time, we had to keep reshooting. DUDE that's it I'm going tomorrow to try out for the Saints, YES! Oh wait, I'm 30 years old. STUPID! Well I guess you're never too old to discover a completely worthless talent that you never knew you had.

Hope you guys enjoyed the jazzed up feel of the show with the music and pop shots. It was really fun. Thanks for all of your cool comments and emails. You guys are the coolest.