Feb 10, 2007

Episode 4: I Can't Feel My Legs - The Blooper Reel

Watch and see if you can find the blooper in this episode.
If you heard me say "Sometimes good things happen to bad people" then you heard the blooper. The saying obviously goes "sometimes bad things happen to good people". We thought about loading up all of our equipment and going back on location and re-shooting that segment. Then I got to thinking about it. Sometimes good things do happen to bad people.

It's frustrating when the guy beside you in traffic, who has a major road rage/jerk problem, gets the break and you still have to sit behind the long line of red lights. It's not easy watching people who we don't think should get all the good stuff end up, winning the lottery. It would be a lot easier just to walk up and slap them and scream, "how does that feel". But that's the way life goes at times and we have to learn to deal with that just like anything else. You can't allow what does or does not happen to someone else dictate how you visualize your present or your future.

This week, do something great. Don't judge yourself off of someone else's success or failure. Live today and jumpstart your dream!

Have a great week!!

By the way: What do you guys think about the outside format? Let me know what you think. We want to keep it exciting.